We offer consulting services, for those working in production, distribution and marketing of a wide range of products and services;

  • Documentary, Biographic, Historical, and Fictionalized productions, including an Ongoing Documentary Series, Television, Internet – By project contract only
  • Project Management – Consulting and Coaching – $200/hr
  • Leadership Effectiveness – Consulting and Coaching – $200/hr
  • Archival Consulting Services  – $100/hr
  • Automotive Restoration, Re-engineering, and Design Consulting – $100/hr
  • Editing, Writing, and Publishing Services for Automotive Articles, journals and Books – $100/hr
  • Keynote Public Speaking – $2,500

If you’d like to request any of our services, please contact us by email (with your approved budget) c/o

[Alongside our current offerings, we also request reimbursement of any out of pocket expenses.]

Ron Foss is an experienced leader with a proven resume of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Sales Management, Human Resource Development, Project Management, Performance Management, and Leadership Effectiveness. He is a versatile professional, with an International Master of Management, focused on Business Administration and Leadership from McGill University. He is a retired executive from the financial services industry, ran his own executive coaching practice and more recently successfully project managed the building the tribute Fossmobile.