There are many wonderful Canadian History lessons, but one that has often been overlooked, is that of inventor and carmaker, George Foote Foss, from Sherbrooke, Quebec. More than 120 years ago, a prosperous mechanic, blacksmith and bicycle repairman named George Foss invented Canada’s first gasoline engine automobile, which was referred to as the “Fossmobile.”

The Foss family has re-opened the “Foss Family Archives,” to better document his remarkable accomplishment and to finds ways to share this historic Canadian event with automotive enthusiasts and historians alike. The family, as a means to build networks, foster collaboration and share important historical memorabilia, has established “Fossmobile Enterprises.”

George Foote Foss Driving the Streets of Sherbrooke
George Foote Foss Driving the Streets of Sherbrooke

Fortunately for Foss’ descendants (initiated by his grandson Ron Foss), they have met some visionaries, who are operating a company called GasPainsTV, (led by Dr. Christopher Cooper). His team are experts in “Reverse Engineering;” the reproduction of an inventor’s or manufacturer’s product, following detailed examination of its construction or composition. With their expertise and dedication to detail, they plan to build a replica of the Fossmobile, forever capturing this major chapter of Canadian history.

The team at GasPainsTV are guardians and dedicated promoters of Canadiana. They are in the business of producing factual documentaries, showcasing extraordinary human creations. In the case of the Fossmobile, they will achieve this by retelling personal stories of George Foss, while giving them physical shape, that can only be best described, as absolutely “hands-on”.

Photos courtesy of the “Foss Family Archives” – Copyright 2017 The Foss Family Archive